Magico and Tube amp

Hello all. Wondering if anyone here is powering the Magico (m2) with a tube amp namely the ARC ref 160 mono. Looking for neutral, natural and musical sound. Thanks. 


I did hear Magico's being run with a CAT amp at CAF last year, or perhaps the year before and thought it sounded very good. I want to say they were the Legend monoblocks or something like that I am not a CAT expert.

+1 on CAT with Magico. @daveyf beat me to it, but the Magico S5 MkII with CAT electronics is a jaw dropping outstanding setup. It wouldn’t matter whether it’s the JL-5, JL-7, or the Statement....all 3 are in a league of their own IMO

@knotscott   +1. Any of the CAT amps will be good though the larger mono blocks are probably best. 

Interesting thread

my friend pointed me to this


i also have the m2

i have 2 amps thus far on it, I use a Boulder 2060 as main, and I have classe delta stereo as back up.  I was looking at Cary 805rs tube mono for it.  I use audio research ref 10 phono and linestage upstream.


cool discussion, I would like to also see what tube maps have worked with this speaker.  

it can sound majestic