Magico Customer service

Is it considered to be good to include second hand speakers? Service provided on out of warranty products says a lot about a company. Thanks for any opinions.
Exotic car parts aren’t cheap and neither are exotic speaker parts. Just be grateful that you can get both service and parts if needed.  
I've provided service to Magico owners without knowing if they are the original owners or not. I have not experienced any difference in support from Magico in support of that service or repair. Nor have any of those owners reported anything about their direct communication with Magico at those times (it is often the case that someone with a problem contacts Magico first before I end up speaking with them).
i’m not picking on magico at all but really want to know what to expect if i were to buy used. i’ve seen more than a little arrogance on display when it comes to high end audio. i hope that this is not a fault of magico. 
perhaps you were never answered because they observed your posts here and realized you have nothing important to contribute and really know nothing about speakers and high end audio.  I’m still waiting for you to post pictures of your system so we can all LEARN from you
you dont LEARN by looking at pictures of peoples systems. You learn by building your own speakers. Pictures look nice but they dont tell you much. 

Now somebody needs to email or call Magico and tell them that Master Kenjit has emailed more than once and never received a reply. It would be interesting to see what they have to say.

Magicos are not cheap. Audiophiles have a right to be shown EVIDENCE that they are high quality. Mr.Alon Wolf I challenge you right now!
Surely you added an extra zero accidentally. I don't think that Magico is charging 10,000 dollars for a woofer.