Magico Customer service

Is it considered to be good to include second hand speakers? Service provided on out of warranty products says a lot about a company. Thanks for any opinions.
If a product is under warranty, even if the product is sold, many companies honor that warranty. PS Audio or Chord are great examples. As long as you have the bill of sale from original purchase, they will cover repairs under warranty.

If a product is out of warranty or an issue is due to obvious consumer error (Magicos are front heavy and easy to tip when moving) why would a manufacturer service that product for free? I am not saying they should make a profit on the repair, but it seems reasonable to charge for parts and labor? 

Everything I hear about Magico is they help their customers (new or used) and charge fair prices for repair parts. You may not like those prices, but if you have a pair of speakers that are $40K new, it shouldn’t shock you if a tweeter costs $800. Honestly, if I bought a $40K pair of speakers and a tweeter cost me $50, I would be unhappy.

That being said, it is a great question to ask. I can think of a particular amp manufacturer that is openly hostile to people who purchase used products and literally does not honor their warranty for some first time buyers. You won’t have that issue with Magico.
Hi All,  I have a second hand pair of V3s.  I had a problem with one crossover after they were shipped cross country to me.  I wrote to Magico and got prompt and courteous service from their VP for Global Sales and Marketing.  He was super responsive, friendly, courteous, and helpful.  He actually offered to come by and help me optimize my listening room when he was in the area. 

My experience as a second hand owner was superb and their response to me a second hand owner of an older model has made me a huge fan....
I started the thread and it appears that Magico is an A1 company. Their service seems in line with the quality of their products. Very nice to know. 
Just curious as to whether they make their own drivers or outsource? And who makes them and can they be purchased from the mfg.?
The drivers are out sourced. The tweeters are modified scanspeak designs. I belive that the woofers areodified morel units. They have bespoke carbon graphine cones. Magico is not up front about their driver sources.