Mágico M6 vs Big Wilson speakers

Is there anyone out there that owns or has personal experience with the Magico M6 speaker. I’m mainly interested in owners or people intimately familiar with them and can compare or articulate  the major differences between these and the big Wilsons in the same price category. Assuming all the best electronics available. Please let’s go with the assumption that both companies are great companies  not looking for negative comments on companies etc. Any opinions are greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
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Something else to also consider...I have owned large speakers, such as Dunlavy SC-5’s, Dynaudio C4’ and ML and Maggies.  Certainly the box designs have the hardest job of getting out of their own way acoustically speaking.  Being able to establish a well defined soundstage with precise image placement is more challenging than with a full range, more compact speaker.  
I WOULD approach this question from a different perspective. I have heard the Wilson Alexandrias and they sounded incredible. For a few days afterwards I kept thinking about what I had heard them do. I have also had the pleasure of hearing Sonus Faber Extemas- a unique design but having only a tweeter and a mid/woofer. I was equally impressed with the sound quality they produced. Wilson Audio was mainly known for the Watt/Puppy for many years- it is still in its 11th (?) iteration. So I would say that you should try to at least hear them. They should tell you what you need to know in spite of the WAMM's which will only surround you with a lot more sound and a much larger image. As for Magico there should be a "representative" model of what they are trying to do for different genre's of music, without trying to hunt down an enormously large speaker. If you don't have an incredible room to place a massive pair of speakers (plus subs!?) it's a moot point. The manufacturers have such a room to test their product, and a small handful of retail stores that can set up a "proper" audition (no holes barred). Sometimes if you just get an opportunity to hear the magic no matter what the speakers are called or by how large or small they look like. But often the deepest bass frequencies are either helping create that magic or smearing/obscuring the rest of the music. This is something Sonus Faber seemed to understand with a high-quality line of smaller two-way models. 

If we are talking Sonus Faber, the Stradivari are the one's to have.

As for 2-way monitors with carefully controlled impedance, the Fritz speakers are a really great speaker.
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