Magico Mini with REL Stentor Sub can it match?

Can MAGICO MINI 2 Work with good subs such as REL STENTOR 2 or 3.
IM sure the wlson is very good maybe better but i am very happy with my stentor.
The "big" advantage of the Wilson Benesch Sub over almost any other is the "Larger" driver surface area(I believe it is 15-18 inches,or there-abouts).But it does not stop also has a very "low driver mass"(far lower than a REL),which would make it a far superior match for a bullet fast speaker, like a MINI!!

The low mass driver,is faster/more sensitive than other sub drivers(including the REL...though they are excellent) and from what I remember JV of TAS stating,was "this" was the BEST sub for a MINI!!Check out the back issues of TAS if you doubt my memory or integrity on the matter.

I doubt there will be much feedback on "anyone" mating a REL with a super fast speaker like the MINI,though anything is possible.

I do remember a few folks who had superb sucess with the Wilson Benesch sub on the MINI though....but...

These folks "only" wanted the finest possible match with a Magico MINI in mind(not getting a low price on a sub alternative).

If I were lucky enough to have a superior design like the MINI "is",I'd be more concerned with the tried and true Wilson Benesch.... It's not cheap though!...but..

Imo, the MINI deserves the "BEST"!

Still,who knows?...The REL could work.
HI Just got my Wilson BENESCH sub it beats my stentor 3 sub by a mile great advice. Still have some leaftover cash which i will buy ROLEX Submariner THANKS AGAIN FOR GREAT ADVICE. Its good to be the King my wfie loves my new sub she said it was worth every cent!!
Heh,heh,heh....Great post!

You have "SO MUCH" (in life) to be happy for!!

Good luck with your toys.
Btw,there is a bridge in your neighborhood that you might have better luck selling to Audiogon members,than "that" load!...Tsk,Tsk-:)