Magico Mini with REL Stentor Sub can it match?

Can MAGICO MINI 2 Work with good subs such as REL STENTOR 2 or 3.
Heh,heh,heh....Great post!

You have "SO MUCH" (in life) to be happy for!!

Good luck with your toys.
Btw,there is a bridge in your neighborhood that you might have better luck selling to Audiogon members,than "that" load!...Tsk,Tsk-:)

No,actually these days you are EBM...Peace,and good luck!

Btw,you happen to own a system you should be proud of,without the need for confirmation from others.

I'd think you should have learned this by now.

Me?.....Well I know a good bit about music theory these days,and can play a musical instrument better than my "audio days"....Let's call it a tie...OK?

Be happy.