Magico owners S1Mk 2

I have interest in these particularly for their apparent(from reviews) extended and maybe somewhat prominent treble response. Would like ONLY Magico owners of said model to comment on this. At 64 my hearing could use some treble boost. 
Also I have to admit that 18k list seems high for the overall package. What qualities are unique to them to justify the price? The reviews are naturally quite good but real owners opinions are much more important. Also due to location I have zero ability to audition. Thanks in advance for potential comments.
really to me it’s about the tweeter difference between A series vs S series. seems to be a consensus that A series is somewhat softer/darker on top otherwise A series looks to be more speaker for less $
I have to concur with you in terms of value. The S1 Mk II to me will always be a curious beast to me.  Buy it if you absolutely fall in love with the sound and requirements.  Otherwise, the A looks like a better place to look.
I think it's kind of irrelevant how many owners love theirs, unless they are buying your speakers. :)  You really need to listen for yourself.  These may be the best speakers int he world for you, or meh, and no one can say but you.
Talk about price disparity. The S1 mk1 used can be had around $5000 whereas the Mk 2 lists for 18k. I haven’t seen any Mk 2’s on the used market. There were several upgrades for the. Mk 2’s but surely the Mk 1 will share a similar sound. I would think that the newer tweeter on the mk2 would be a meaningful improvement but i don’t know this. FWIW