Magico Q5 and Pass Labs XA200.5 Synergy

I recently purchased a pair of Pass Labs XA200.5's and am trying to decide between the S5 and Q5 as the next step in my system plans (described below).

My primary question is will 400 watts of Class A be able to get the most of the Q5's? Will the Pass Amp's be "exposed" by the resolution of the Q5 in a negative way as is discussed so much in various threads?

I am particularly interested in whether the XA200.5 will: 1) have the backbone to handle the difficult impedance curve and phase angles of the Q5's, 2) add a little needed (to my ear) warmth to the Q sound and, 3) have the speed and control to show off the Q5's remarkable capabilities.

I suspect I could worry about these issues a little less with the S5 given their easier load and bass voicing. I know other amps may excel in certain of these areas, but I have chosen the XA200.5's as my anchor (against the recommended protocols of some) because I just cant find anything I like as much as Nelson's Class A.

As background:

I listen to most genre's from classical to rock and have a particular preference for accurate, lifelike orchestral and acoustic and exceptional low level detail.

To give insight to my preferences, my second place Amp was the Dag Momentum. I just can't find a substitute for the magic of pure Class A (also have 24 foot ceiling peak and air return at peak to basement to remove heat).

Room 20' by 30' with 24' foot center vault ceiling.

Preamp - CJ GAT or Pass XP-30 (to be determined)

DAC - MSB Analog or DACIV Signature (to be determined)

Front End - MSB UMT Plus (digital only)

SC and IC's - need help

Unfortunately my dealer only has the XA160.5 and Q3 in house. I will need to travel to listen to the options but want to get some perspective from experienced ears first.

Thank you for your perspective,

If 400 watts of Class A power is not enough, there is something seriously wrong with the speakers. And, frankly, I think you are going about this in the wrong way. The *most* important arbiter of overall sound quality is the speaker/room interface. If that isn't right, no amount of electronics will fix the problem.

I suggest that you find the right speakers for your room and then find an appropriate amp for the speakers....

Thanks Rlwainwright for your insights. I guess in my simplistic view I just really find that I prefer the Pass Class A sound and want a highly resolving speaker to complement what my XA200.5s offer. I have found mods can do a lot to help room conditions.

Regarding the speakers, I worry a bit about the negative 56 degree phase angle in conjunction with sub 3 ohm loads throughout the impedance curve which are tough on amps. Nothing wrong with the speaker, just infamous for needing nuclear reactors to achieve optimum bass performance and dynamics.
As an alternative viewpoint I say you can very successfully build a system around an amplifier you adore. I did this and the resulting system exceeded high expectations. The plain truth is building around a speaker or amplifier can lead to everlasting satisfaction. Given your price range, traveling to hear this combination is well worth the effort. Good luck with your endeavor.