Magico's M9

I know everyone is sick of hearing about this, but $750K for a pair of speakers? I suppose I'd have to upgrade my flea watt amp too.


I think it was Jay's Audio who once reviewed a pair of Magico speakers and said the tweeter was like $13k... if it blew out and if you crated up one speaker and sent it back to Magico to fix they would email you back when the work was finished and you would have to make arrangements for freight to pick up the speaker at their dock... they don't pay to send it back to you.

Also that particular model did not come with a grill.

Not my kind of brand.


Also that particular model did not come with a grill.


That's an appalling lack of customer consideration from Magico.

Absolutely appalling.

classic Audiogon clown show stuff. why do i even take the time to look? i know how the posts will read already.

can’t this forum ever consider the performance merits or build quality of an expensive product, why does price get everyone’s panties in a bunch every single time? it’s a hobby site, not the editorial page of the local newspaper. i come here to avoid all that.