Magico's M9

I know everyone is sick of hearing about this, but $750K for a pair of speakers? I suppose I'd have to upgrade my flea watt amp too.


It’s all a matter of zeros.  As I am retired, I think about net worth, but the same could be said about salary.   

if an audiophile has a net worth of $1m, and has a system that he spent $10k on, it is no stretch to think that if he was worth $10m, he could easily have a $100k system, or if he was worth $50m, he could have a $500k system. And considering that the more money you have, your % of disposable income actually increases, that $50m guy could easily afford $750k speakers (and appropriate electronics) as easily as the $1m guy can spend $10k on his system.

I am not a wine guy, but this logic was used by a friend in reply to me pondering “who regularly drinks $1000 bottles of wine?”  

@pennfootball71 what you’re saying is that they chose to make a speaker for $25,000 that’s not very good because the cabinet cost 20,000, but they didn’t choose to make one for 30 or 35,000 instead that would’ve actually been good? None of this makes logical sense, they put their name on a bad speaker and perhaps you’re making excuses for them?

1. for $25,000 we can get a really nice pair of speakers, and the Magico 5 was not a really nice pair of speakers. Not even close. I wouldn’t pay 10k for those

2. Seemingly the next level for them is 180,000. My thought is that if you can’t make something good for 25,000 you can’t make something for 180,000.


And where’s the in between / 75k model ?

So much hype around the construction of the cabinet

Making a nice cabinet does not mean that we know how to make a great speaker

Speaker shaped jewelry is a thing

The new Evolution Acoustics offering is in the $350-$400,000 range, I can’t imagine that anything could be better

They look ugly...which is the final nail in the coffin for this speaker...If it looked better, i know guys who would buy it. 

I really wish that probably everyone else here does, that I could afford these beautiful speakers and ancillaries to go with them and do them justice. I would certainly be a very happy man and count my blessings but not to be. That means I would love to have them without resorting to jealous tirades about the speakers and the lucky people who can afford them . I would also love an Aston Martin but I have Toyota Auris Hybrid pockets but I can say the Auris gives me at least 4 times the miles to the gallon that an Aston would give me, doesn't mean I wouldn't like one. Remember also the trickle down factor and thank the expensive speaker manufacturer's for that. 

Let the world turn. Or better yet, get that crowbar out of the garage and get the world to stop.