Magico's M9

I know everyone is sick of hearing about this, but $750K for a pair of speakers? I suppose I'd have to upgrade my flea watt amp too.


We all know where we are headed eventually - total digital manipulation of sound that can give you whatever you desire in whatever room you have without much fuss. We will miss arguing about sound quality.

You poor rascals with no sense of humor! Come on, life can be fun if you let it!


@bolong I agree with that, same with wires vs wireless, but the arguing will never go away from this hobby!


Anyhow, the butler likes his speakers and all the world is good! However, the pool man is here and I need to get ready for afternoon polo. 


Well honestly, I find the cabana boy smarmy, but loyal. So far he has been happy with Rockports, but it seems like it’s always something with him, 

This thread shows how jealousy can mask the truth. None of these NA-SAYERS have even heard these speakers but think their words mean something. Are they ridiculously expensive? Yes. I will never be able to afford anything near their price but that doesn’t mean I I’m here to trash them. Hats off to Magico for building something that represents the ultimate realism!