Magico S5 vs Tannoy Westminster Royal SE

Hello, I need some opinion about these 2 speakers. I plan to acquire one of them.
Anyone who owned or tried these speakers please share your experience.

I won't be looking for any other brand.

I will use VAC sigma 160i to drive the westminster
Hegel H30 Stereo to drive the Magico S5.

Thank you.

Ok, so finally going to audition S5, but the dealer gave me these option for Electronics.

ARC ref-75 / Dan DÀgostino / krell 402e as amplifiers and ARC Ref.5, CD ARC CD9 / Nagra as Power amps

Devialete / Krell S550i integrated
Kiddman, what can you tel me about the new Westminster GR ? What are the new materials and how does it sound ?
The S5 are the lowest distortion loudspeakers ever measured by the NRC. In terms of any realistic measures, there is no question that the S5 is a superior speaker then any Tannoy.
I bet you that Kiddman never really heard a Magico. And if he did, there were plenty distortion in that “setup” for sure, they were just not in the speakers (-; Kiddman has been trolling the Magico threads for some time, spreading the hate, I wouldn’t take him too seriously.