Magico VS Daedalus VS Marten VS Spendor

Guys, I would appreciate some help here please!!

I have just upgraded my electronics to:

Modwirght LS-100
Modwright KWI200 (as amp only)
Berkeley Audio DAC (v2) and USB
Basis 2200 with calibrator base, cable isolation and clamp
Lyra Titan i
Zesto Audio Andros Phono stage
Gingnko Cloub 14b for TT
Shunyata Hydra 8
Shunyata main power cord
Mostly Cardas Clear Light Cables for all my system

The speakers I have are Golden Ear Triton Two speakers. Although I have not heard a better speaker (since there are basically no high end dealers where I live) I believe that the Triton's are holding my system back in terms of naturality and resolution. I love the bass but I am sure that sometimes it is not as focused and tight as it should. Moreover, the mids and highs I find hard to categorize as natural. I love the imaging though.

I have some options for upgrading my speakers and, based on reviews, I have concluded:

Marten Django XL
Magico V3 (I got a really good offer from a guy that has a pair unboxed)
Daedalus (Athena or the new model Argos)
Spendor A9

Although very different speakers, the budget ranges from $9 to $15k and all of the options above fall into it.

I listen to everything. Classical, Jazz, Rock and Contemporary.

If any of you have some kind of advice, I would appreciate it very much.

My room is really small (3.5 X 3.5 mts) but I have the ASC tube trap and treble diffuser treatment so it is not too bad.

Thanks guys!
I am looking foward fot the Argos as well, I live in Mexico,so its impossible to audition either of them here. They are 13K and seems a no brainer...
I agree with Daedalus and there very good value. I have had the DA-Rama for 3 years, the large monitor version of the Athena. It's the one component, I can be sure is'nt going to change. Very accurate, fast transparent and also very musical. Lou the designer, is a musician and his aim is to sound like a live performance, I think he has done it.

That is not to knock the other speakers, which are very good, though I personally, am not keen on the Magico sound.

There are no dealers for Daedalus, but there are a number of users around the world, happy to dem for you. Ask lou for anyone near you, after the holidays, or look at the audiocircle site, where Daedalus has it's own circle. Put a request on there, for anyone near you.
Magico best sounding great cabinet,xover&drivers great musical speaker #1.Its up to you its your money!!