Magico vs the world

Everywhere I look I only see people (end users and professional reviewers) raving about magico. Build quality, incredible sound, etc... everyone just loves them, especially the modern series, A3, M series, S series (mk2 variant). It is impressive for sure. But I am curious, what speakers have you heard that you compared to magico that you like as much or maybe even better?
Poor Value, butte ugly but one of the best sounding dynamic speakers out there if that is your cup of tea. I prefer Sonus Faber. Much better value, beautifully made, sound just as good. Wilson is a running joke in this family. 
The only audio shows I've been to have been TAVES (Toronto Audio Video Show), and Montreal's Son & L'Image. Toronto 4 times, Montreal, 3.
I've been to countless high end stores across Canada, and the Northern US.
Magico is consistently some of the best music makers I've ever heard.
Like Erik, I'm a speaker designer/builder. Magico is the 'goal'. Can I build a speaker which rivals Magico. I can give them no higher praise. 
Wilson Audio makes the best speakers in the world. They use science and experience. They also have sold more high end speakers than all others combined.
it is impossible to build serious speakers from aluminum, which cannot be damped.
i certainly prefer Vivids and Personas as well.
Magico reviews and the obvious lying on the part of reviewers is why I cancelled my TAS subscription.
smodtactical, sure, you! You know how it goes... search the world over, then end up with something different. You get to a dealer, hear something you would not have considered, and before you know it, you have a new favorite... 

Well, it could happen.  :) 
for cost no object the Meridian DSP 7200 and dsp 8000 speakers have cabinets that have no measurable resonances, not sure any other manufacturer can say that. Buy used for a song and upgrade to the se kit and for a total system cost of $25k with the included tone controls they should sound great in any room. I can’t imagine how much time and money it would cost me to get this level of fidelity in this room with passive speakers and separate components. Magico is the flavor of the month because the new A line is new territory for the company, affordable that is. They still don’t defy physics and will need the same care as any other speakers regarding room size, characteristics and component matching to get the best from them. I’m not going to suggest advertising has anything to do with their popularity but it can’t hurt.
 I want to hear the new A5.