Magico vs the world

Everywhere I look I only see people (end users and professional reviewers) raving about magico. Build quality, incredible sound, etc... everyone just loves them, especially the modern series, A3, M series, S series (mk2 variant). It is impressive for sure. But I am curious, what speakers have you heard that you compared to magico that you like as much or maybe even better?
Kenjit has never as never heard any speakers, that’s why he’s such an expert on them.
@kenjit which gauder did you hear ?

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I’ve never heard a Magico but they have great industrial design and I expect they sound good but maybe need somewhat warmish sounding components to make them really sing. I’m just guessing. 
All that said I find my Wilson Yvettes to check all audiophile boxes while being extremely musical. In my room I’m 100% satisfied with the results. There’s no real meaning to my post other than to say that auditioning Magico would seem to me to require a listen to Wilson’s as well. Both are top drawer but I’m thinking quite different. FWIW
Haha Kenjit so funny. I saved that little exchange. I laugh so hard everytime I read it.