I would be very pleased to be able to communicate with all users of the Magnapan MG-II speakers. I would like to know what your experiences have been and any updates you have done or had done to your speakers. Thanks much all.
Have a look at the crossover and replace the components with better versions(caps/inductors). Rewire with point to point wiring rather than those terrible tags they used. The less connections the better.

You will get much better bass and cleaner clearer sound. If you do it well you will be surprised what it is capable of.

Before doing any of the above make sure the diaphram is ok. The glue suffers in UV light and loses its strength which leads to buzzing.
Good afternoon Chadeffect,

Thank you for this response. I do appreciate it. If you have any additional info to offer I will be pleased to get it.

Look at the magnepan users club. MUG. I am sure there are a lot of ideas there for you.