Magnat Transpuls 1500 anyone?

I recently discovered Andrew Robinson's Audio Review Channel on YouTube. I must say, I've really enjoyed his reviews of some moderately affordable audio equipment. 

One of his reviews is for the HUGE, but inexpensive Magnat Transpuls 1500 large, floorstanding, 3-Way Speaker. The speaker is decidedly old-school and looks more like a big vintage speaker that a currently available speaker. Anyway, Andrew, and his wife Kristi, loved them. Their description makes them sound like a speaker I would enjoy.

I'm curious to know if anyone here has heard these speakers. If so, what did you think? Seems like they would be a great rock speaker and could be a solid recommendation whenever anyone asks "Can you recommend a great speaker for Rock music" or "Can you recommend a speaker for a large room".

Anyone have any experience with these? Here's a link to Andrew's YouTube review if you are interested...



I saw his review of the Transpuls and how he and his wife went ga-ga over them. For the price, it may be worth an audition if you can swing one.

On a later, end of year video, he hinted that he and his wife are going to get a pair and have them refinished in a nicer all wood cabinet, which would go a long way towards stiffening things up and improving what he thought, about the plain Jane appearance.

All the best,

@nonoise  - I heard them mention possibly buying a pair and having higher quality cabinets built for them. I had the same thought when I was initially watching the review...

I've also thought about doing the same for my vintage Infinity RS1.5s, although the RS1.5 cabinets are better than their predecessors - Infinity Qb.