magnepan 1.6 needs help in the bass

i'm begiinning to believe that the amgnepan 1.6 needs some assistance in the bass, i.e., more extension.

i am concerned that mating a cone, especially ported or sealed box is a problem as far as maintaining overall coherency.

also, it may be necessary to have stereo rather than mono sub, which can get expensive.

i have thought about rel, hsu and kharma ?

i also thought about the best way to configure the sub, namely blending. i would run the 1.6s full range and then add bass up to say 60 hz.

any thoughts ?
I'm with Ozzy on this one........ I have 1.6's and run them full out with a REL Storm III set at about 35Hz. TO my ears things sound pretty good.

If you are going to run them fullrange you will need to set the sub to a low (maybe 40hz) crossover to avoid cancelation. I have tried all of the different ways to blend subs with speakers and using teh high pass filter usually makes for the most seamless transition. Sure YOU would know that there are extra electronics in the way and that the maggies are not being allowed to do all they can do but, the proof is in the pudding.

The Vandersteen subs are completely unique. I think that the crossover frequency can be changed on them. Plus all of the Vandersteen stuff is time aligned.

Good luck!

I own both 3.6s and 1.6s - I would first maximize the inherent bass and then add 1-2 subs. I have both Velodyne DD15 and Rel Stadium III (in seperate setups). I considrered the ML also. All will work well. But definately run the 1.6s full and find the optimum in your room between 35-45hz. My favorite is the rel. For the 1.6s - the Storm III would be my choice. WHat do you listen too ?? this will make a difference. I listen to 95% acoustic Jazz and Rel is great. For Rock and HT I use Velodyne more. I use to have a used HSG15 and it was great too. In 2 channel listening I do not use the subs - only in my MC set ups and HT.

Thease speakers require 3 things to maximize thier inherent bass:

1) STANDS - Mye stands are excellent and the stealth version gets them out of the way - but any equivalent will help. The stands get then up a little and make them rock solid - somehing they are not otherwise. Adding stands was by far the biggest change audibly of anything I did with my 3.6s.
2) Optimize room position - can't under estimate this - get those things out away from back and side walls.
3) Quality power. MAke shure your amp doubles into 4 ohm loads. meaning a 250W amp in 8 ohm doubles to 500 in 4 ohm. Also look for a high damping factor. I use a Musical fidelity 300 Integrated amp that is 350w in 8 and 600 in 4. This amp is seperate SS amps in 1 chasis with seperate tube pre inside. A used Innsersound ESL-300 would be nice too.

Unfortunately - Maggies are great at thier price point as a speaker, but really require higher quality gear to really make them sing. My 3.6s didn't really bloom in bass till I fed them nearly 1000 watts in 4 ohms.

Good Luck !!

I'm considering a pair of 1.6s.

Would the Plinius SA102 be an adequate amp? Class A, 125WPC into 8ohms, 250WPC into 4.

Mrtennis, the Vandy crossover will eliminate signals below 80hz going to the mains (1.6's), which will help them. Anything below the 80hz mark is handled by the Vandies. So, it's a non-issue where the low end of the 1.6's are. The problem would come into play if you're trying to mate a different sub to the Maggies' 40hz low end.