Magnepan 1.6QR and Bel Canto

Can someone please relate their experiences with Magnepan 1.6QR and Bel Canto amps? I recently purchased two Bel Canto M300 monoblocks. A friend/dealer wants to lend me a pair of new 1.6s for a week. Before I do so, I wanted to gather some other opinions. Thanks!
I can't respond to the matching. However, if he is willing to lend them to you, why not take him up on the offer and decide for yourself?
Good golly! Having friends like that is a beautiful thing. The maggies may not be the last word in speakers. {For the price they may well be.} But they are truly wonderfull. Take him up on his offer!
You should listen to the combo before asking for opinions. Form your own opinion. Knowing what others feel beforehand may poison the well. Besides, your opinion is the only one that matters anyway. Have fun!