Magnepan 1.7 I speaker sock ???

Did any of the forum people try and order anything from Magnepan ??  I had one of my new Magnepan 1.7 I speaker socks get damaged, I called the dealer I bought them from and he said I had to call Magnepan direct and order it, he also said they had a new phone system which they don't answer very well, after calling them for over two weeks I could see nobody was ever going to answer or return a requested return call.......I called the dealer back, but it doesn't seem he can get one either.......I live a 100 south of Spokane , Washington.....These speakers are about a year old, one sock is dirty.......Come get  them 1000.00, speakers , boxes and stands........And I promise to never buy another Magnepan or anything Magnepan makes......W


Actually I have a buyer for 300.00 , boy they really hold there value, but they are a year old with one dirty sock.......Its funny I can call Audio Research and get a part delivered in less than a week, but Audio Research is a lot better quality, I guess you get what you pay for ??     Cheap speakers...........W 

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What's the problem with sending an email?

The days of just calling someone for immediate help are disappearing and you need to accept it as fact and move on.

You are only punishing yourself.


Why doesn't Magnepan service there customers, how simple can it be to answer the phone or call me back, I would give them a credit card number and they could send the part ???  Or sell it to my Magnepan dealer so he could send it to me, but they wouldn't do that.......So I call and ask for the sales department, I get a salesman and he tells me he will make "Mick" calls me the next day, three days later someone calls and lets the phone ring twice and hangs up, I call back and get the answering machine......I leave a message, nothing happens, I call back, nothing happens.......How can you like that kind of service ??   They don't care and I don't care.....I thought that was what Forums were for.......You get the "white sock" and I'll pay you twice what it costs you...........W