Magnepan 1.7 speakers (asking for a friend)

Hello, this question is for a friend who's considering Magnepan 1.7 speakers. I've not tried Maggies in 20+ years, and not as familiar with the new generations Magnepan like the 1.7 model, can imagine they may have improved some...  

>>Hoping others with 1st hand experience with these recent generations speakers from Magnepan might reply<<. 

New Magnepan 1.7
Room: 14'x19'
Amps: Tube, Mono, Ultralinear, custom 60-80wpc
Positioning: various ways

How far apart in a 14' room works for you, with open sides/pockets?
How far from the front wall?
Low capacitance speaker wire matter?
Other thoughts?

No need reply about tube vs solid state amplification, have plenty to test but this will be for tube amps primarily. Thanks in advance, will be happy to pass along your comments. 


I have the original 1.7s driving them with a Krell400 xi 400 very clean watts great sound quality positioning is very important I have mine tilted in so the tweeters cross in front of my listening chair also pull them out at least 3 to 4feet from the back wall.My room is 18 by 22 ft 8 foot ceiling good listening.

20x14x8 room.

Both 12s and now 1.7s.   Laid out along the long axis.  Three feet from sides, four  from front room.  My couch is about six feet from the back wall, so about 11 feet from ear to speaker.

Slightly toe'd in.  Tweeters to the outside.

I used to run them with 90w Pass Aleph 5s ( clone monos )... now I use a pair of cloned 200w Pass Aleph2.  As backup, I got a Conrad Johnson MF2100 200w solid state amp. 

The one thing, besides getting them off the wall is to give them LOTS of clean power.

Have fun.