Magnepan 1.7 too bright, HELP

I just bought a used 6 month old Magnepan 1.7 and hooked them to my old system, which consists on a Deonon 2900 Universal player, Emotiva USP Preamp and Rotel 1080 power amp and use anticables for speaker connections, and monster cables for interconnects.

The sound is too bright for me, I used the provide 1 ohm resisters, still too bright, any recommendations.
jazzdrummer I haven't really detected any difference but on general principle think the jumpers were a bad idea, only put there for systems that were too bright, needing the resistor.
Jazz, happy you have the 1.7's working! Try the Hifi Tuning fuses pointed down towards the floor. I had luck with the Gold ones, I'll stick with that. I found the SilverStar fuses in my amp demonstrated what you heard on the Magenepans.

Happy Listening!
I wouldn't be surprised if what you really are hearing is just a lack of low end. Try a sub and see. I don't like Magnepans without a sub. They appear to be bright, and that is because the low end is typically weaker then most are used to. Room treatments can be a great option for getting a smoother sound out of panels too.

Rote might be a bit bright, not sure about Emotiva. There XPA amps were never really bright IMO. Not sure about there preamp though

Just my opinion.
It's a panel speaker, it's going to be bright no matter what, get used to it or get ride of it.
as of this time I am diagnosing the caps in the MG 1.7 crossover as cheap and causing glare on certain CD's (groups like the Cranberrys and Sheryl Crowe's Globe sessions CD come to mind). So musing on how to replace what looks like Axons and some caps pulled out of a refrigerator with a better alternative. Not sure what others definition of glare is, but mine is that certain upper register harmonics seem to create an exagerated irritating resonance(perhaps akin to why a soprano can shatter wine glasses...). Now considering the Gold Obbligatos, Clarity Cap ESA, but the trick is fitting 116.8uf of capacitance into a 60x100mm space thats only 35mm deep... i suspect a bulge in the back of the speaker cloth is unavoidable.