Magnepan 1.7 w/ Tubes & lots of Class D Power

Recently I stepped down from Martin Logan Summit Xs to Magnepan 1.7s. Was it a step down? Yes. Less of everything from the Xs (except warmth), but not bad and actually pretty good.

I am running the 1.7s with a Rogue Audio Athena (tube) preamp with upgraded Mundorf Silver Oil Capacitors and Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 (class d) monoblocks. A Lexicon RT-20 Universal Disk player is my primary source. I also use a Velodyne SPL-1200 sub.

I do not see a lot of these types of set ups. Actually, most "audiophiles" that I encounter frown on the entire system. To each their own. I love it. Open and clean with lots of seperation and detail. And incredibly smooth and warm. Anyone else out there with a similar set up?

Any tweeks for the 1.7s? I am thinking of changing the fuses and jumpers.
Empirical Design custom maggie jumpers are awesome. I prefer them over cardas (have brand cardas if anyone wants to buy them). Hifi supreme tuning fuses made a big difference in my 3.7s.
Thanks for the jumpers/fuses suggestions.

@Brownsfan, I know another Browns fan out there, my father in law, so you are not the only one. In all seriousness, I too have an old pair of short (2') Anitcables (I switched to Signal Cables), that I was thinking of sacrificing into jumpers. I will try that first. I also have Mye stands.

@Poeschi, I will look into the HiFi Supreme fuses.
Run 'stock' panels for a while, perhaps 6 months, before making big changes. Especially know you are not going to blow fuses.
Than, if you had any pre x.7 series panel, i'd recommend jumpering out the jumpers and fuses by doing under-the-connection panel changes. You can, on my 1.6s, remove 8 or 10 connections, or more.....
Since the 1.7s have a series crossover, you may already Have a simple connection panel, with the exception of removing the fuse + connections.

In Maggie Lore, ribbons are considered fuse savers.

I made my jumpers from #6 solid wire. Bent to shape using Vice Grips and than sanded, using 320 SiC to 0.152" to fit the banana jumper.

As for amps? 'd' amps get great play with panels. I have a W4S lookalike in the form of a PSAudio GCC 250, using ASP ICE modules. The integrated W4S and PS look nearly identical, right down to backpanel layout and single XLR pair input.

Don't forget the power of 'd' amps is Time Limited. max RMS for the kilowatt module is 30 seconds.
You can only jumper the tweeter attenuator. The 1.7 is different from the 1.6. You can't bi-amp or bi-wire the 1.7 because it has a series xovr. You can replace the fuse
I'd consider the Mye stands seriously, don't know anyone who's used them without hearing a significant improvement.

Oh, and let the audiophiles frown. The critics tell a different tale. They far outpunch their price point. You're an old planar hand, so you no doubt know the importance of placement. BTW, many Maggie users swear by diffusers at the first reflection points on the front wall, though a minority prefer absorption there.