is Magnepan out of business??  or whats going on,  zero supply on the web site..


thanks everyone,  some context,  i love magnepan!!  i recently tried to purchase the 30.1's and called the company several times but couldn't connect with somebody other than the front desk.  after phone tag for weeks i lost interest and they would not respond to emails at all.  but i came away with a funny feeling that there was something up.  the only thing that kept me from cutting a check to my dealer was the total and complete refusal to confirm Mye stand dimensions for the 30.1's.  i even had drafting drawings from Mye Co. directly to show magnepan.  i sent them and magnepan ignored my emails.   but they refused to convey any information as to weather the stand dimensions were correct by phone also.   i got the feeling that their only goal was to pitch me on being a home dealer and were hoping to bypass the/my dealer.  i really felt this.  the mag adds instilled this in my mind.  for sure Magnepan is walking away from their brick and mortar network in hopes of setting up home user outlets.  Or just planning on going internet direct like P.S/Coincident and such companies.  Cary also.  it's the future for sure, like it or not.  but so SOLD OUT does not seem like BACK ORDER to me.  by the way,  nobody has sold more 1.6's to referrals in the Chicago land area than me so don't confuse me with trolling magnepan. 

I love my LRS+ but honestly Magnepan is not a very well ran company and hasn't been in a long time. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

@mahandave - Totally agree - their 'customer service', is absolutely atrocious, and I speak from personal, painful experience! I bought a pair of 1.7i's, and out of the box one of the panels was faulty, with buzzing/vibration at certain bass frequencies, and I could actually see the fault - a loose and floppy panel at one segment.

Many many MANY calls and emails followed, to my UK dealer, to the European dealer, and Magepan themselves - buck passing as I've never seen/experienced before! I was actually told by a Magnepan employee that they were almost out of business and only had two, yes TWO employees left - this was almost three years ago now.

They NEVER answered the phones, nor ever got back to me after I left messages! I even managed to find Jim Wineys email address and tried to get help from him - NOTHING! No help, no response.

It took ONE and a Half YEARS of fighting with them all for them to finally replace the panel! Disgraceful behaviour from a company I've admired for many years, from my first forray into panels with a pair of MG1b. I would never buy another product from them again. As willywonker says - "not a very well run company", which is a huge understatement IMO. My dealers, UK and EU, told me that they were a nightmare to deal with, and someone there said they were 'a Very Strange, and unllike any other manufacturer or company, to deal with'.

I'm now in love with panels again, and my 1.7i's are sounding wonderful. They truly are fantastic sounding speakers, at a great price; even allowing for the dealers c80% mark up!

They are absolutely positively NOT out of business. They just introduced a new True-ribbon model at $5995.00 called the 2.7i to plug the gap between the Quasi-ribbon 1.7i and larger True-ribbon 3.7i.  As others have stated, their long time production manager retired, and they have been working overtime to keep up with demand and rebuild their staff after COVID.  They are also redoing their website.  With them, patience is a necessity!

They are still in business.  Was at Audio Connection yesterday.  Poor service maybe but still in business.  We also do not keep any inventory or very little but we do try to respond within 24-48 hours.

Enjoy them, they produce some magical sounds.