is Magnepan out of business??  or whats going on,  zero supply on the web site..


did the LRS+ ever make it to the website? last i communicated directly with someone the wait list was a good few months for the LRS+, and it was nowhere on the website, and they still havent officially or started selling the bass or sub panel that they had annonced, debuted, sent to reviewers reviewed the year before.

its weird. its like they announced new products that enever went up for sale or we re in production or maybe never nmade it to their website...what the hell is going on? theres no one who can type out come clear information and put it on a website and social media? a 12 year old can do it in minutes. goddam that place doesnt make ANY sense.

Magnepan never stocks their speakers, as all their models are made to order. I thought, by now, this was common knowledge. I was fortunate to have a dealer in my area, so I audition and then ordered my 1.7i through them. Once ordered, l had to wait over 8 weeks for the speakers to arrive at the dealers. Oh yeah, I do agree with those who have commented on the horrific Magnepan customer service. I experience deliberate indifference and arrogance with Magnepan's customer service.

Having been a Magnepan the 70's.  I will tell you Magnapan, at all times in history has had an authorized dealer network.  They would always refer to the network in that persons location.  Now there are some dealers that are authorized and do not support Magnepan.  If you call them the will say our web site has a list of dealers check your zip and make a choice.

When I wanted LRS+, and I am in Missouri, I had my choice and let my fingers do the tailing, bh calling.  I worked with whom I felt was the most knowledgeable about every thing I was trying to accomplish, and stayed loyal to him.  He was the only one that said he could get me LRS+ in less than 30days. I paid him 1/3 on order, balance when he sent me a picture of the serial number and the box.  I verified with Magnepan that he was a legitimate dealer....I have met Wendell and Jim Winey, thousands of years ago, I found the entire corporation ethical in everything they did.   They are smart people, and know what they are doing, far better than I.  Best service around.....all about Good old fashion American Ingenuity and Craftsmanship.  Think of what you could learn by working there as an intern...sign me up.

No discounts!  Now that is up to the dealer, in 1973 or 4 I bought a pair of MG 11's, they were killer back then, had two Mac- mc 275's. a Thorens tt. Ortofon cart. Nakamichi 1000, a C-28 Mac pre-amp, 110 tuner, two Mk woofers.  Back in the day I paid (employee purchase (325.00) for the Mg II's.  That entire system cost me about 2800.00. Fast forward, today I have, LRS+. Roque Sphinx, Rel 7x. Kenwoord dd tt, with ortolan cart, an audio technical tt/with blue tooth for transferring vynal, Cambridge Audio Dac. I have spent. almost 6500.00 today.  Things have changed, but not great sounds, still from Magnepans.  At one time we compared double MG-II's side by side in our sound room with Double KLH 's.  Theory was wider baffle, lower frequency response, due to the lack of wave length cancellation as a dipole radiator. Maggies for the price killed it, 50 years ago.  Happy Thanksgiving,Merry Christmas to all!