is Magnepan out of business??  or whats going on,  zero supply on the web site..


If you are buying a LRS+ and fill in their form with all the required information, they will get back to you… and you will now have contact names, phone numbers and emails for them. 

I waited almost 9 months for a pair of black +s and black stands. They always got back to me promptly when I contacted them.  And this explains why they resell for almost list price when you see them offered. 

Of course they aren’t going to talk to you about Mye stands… and maybe not about any of the products that are currently only available through dealers. 

They are quirky… they make a great and almost indestructible product. And recently they seem to be bringing out updates and new products more frequently. 

So, if you want the +…. fill in the form… anything else, talk to the dealer. And if something pops up preowned that interests you… don’t wait too long or it will be gone… especially the newer stuff. 


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@rodglaze I think you've been living in a box for >5 years! have you not read any of the comments, including mine, of the awful and attrocious 'service' they now (do not) provide? It's a joke. On us. As for them being 'smart people' - really? Smart people would not have allowed this once premier company with a previous great customer service record, to go downhill in such a spectacular way. Their 'new' website they're proffereing, still, is over one and a half YEARS old, and is still a mess. As @cey says, a 12yr old could fix it in minutes - are they all asleep over there?! They, Magnepan, are becomming the biggest joke company in the Hi-Fi industry, which is a great shame as their speakers are fantastic (I own 1.7i's).

@crustycoot says they've just introduced a new speaker, called the 2.7i, but I couldn't find anything on their 'new' website for that product. It's strange that they've actually started to build a new speaker line, IF they have, when they can't even supply speakers in their current line up, or even support them when things go wrong (as in my case!). And there's almost zero info anywhere about a 2.7i, which, if true, and ever available, I would be VERY interested in.

@daveteauk its maddening, and it aint just magnepan. lots of hifi companies announce some product they dont havwe on their website that they dont update with any real accuracy. 

in my world there is a fad among businesses in the information age of offering no useful information, like no hours, address, phone, etc, on their website. the accuracy of the generic lookup via map program can be hit or miss.
often theres a phone that no one answers, and calls go to generic voicemail with no hours or address. all easy fixes. 

the gap between having a business open to the public  and  bothering to service the public is HUGE. 

the general attitude of daring a customer to become an investigator is assinine. 

There is absolutely NO excuse for Magnepan to run their business as they do. They sell enough to hire a secretary to answer calls and emails, and if they don't, they should shut down.