is Magnepan out of business??  or whats going on,  zero supply on the web site..


There is absolutely NO excuse for Magnepan to run their business as they do. They sell enough to hire a secretary to answer calls and emails, and if they don't, they should shut down.

Seems curious that they would name a new speaker exactly the same as one long retired from their product line.

In my business, I would stop adding business/customers until I could manage the load effectively. Otherwise, customer satisfaction dropped and employees burned out creating quality issues, which was unacceptable to me.

Several ways to accomplish this; raising prices, extending leadtimes, turning lower margin business away, not adding new accounts, etc. During these times communication with customers and employees was paramount.

Periods when sales outran capacity were high margin because profits grew at a faster rate than fixed costs and salaries, but it’s a very slippery slope. Losing key customers and employees is a dangerous gamble.

Stormy seas for sure, I hope they sort it out soon.

@uncledemp  a great post. A stable business is one that sells all the product that is produced, can support all the customers made, and share rewards with a healthy and happy employee base.