Magnepan 20.7 - Ten Feet or More Into a Room?

Polling Magnepan users with larger rooms; assuming that the overall room length allows it (and a dedicated listening room), do you think 20.7's can go as far as 10 to 12 feet off the front wall and still work well? At that distance from the front wall can they still fill the space behind the speaker and produce a convincing sound field?
Dude, post a photo of your room. Ten to twelve feet out, that must be a serious-sized room...I'd love to see a photo of it.
My current room is 17.5w x 26L x 9h. I have the 20.7's angled in a bit with
the tweeter ribbons to the outside (yes, this gives a very slightly less
focused center image but it helps spread the sound field even further left
amd right; I like the 'big' soundfield). The inside edges of the 20's are 7'
from the front wall, the outside edges are 7'-9".

I am getting ready to build a new house and I have the opportunity to
design an even larger dedicated listening room. Initially it was going to be
19w x 29L x 11h. Further design changes and roof issues may allow me to
expand the room width by 2 additional feet, so width would be 21'.

So, at 3ft longer and 2.5ft wider I am thinking that I will be tempted to pull
the 20.7's another foot or three into the room. Since it is a purpose
designed, dedicated room I can put my listening chair anywhere (as long as
it works accoustically for good sound).
fwiw I thought my 1.6s sounded their best when using the rule of thirds in my 13 x 22 room, This means they were 7.3 feet from the back wall and 4.3 ft apart. The bass integrated with the midrange the best of any set up I have tried and the image was seamless all around and in between the speakers. I could not leave them that way because they were out so far but it sounded terrific! I ended up using the Cardas method which was a good compromise.

I hope this is of some use to you...
Looks like that's going to be a killer dedicated room.
Congrats on your achievement.
The answer is yes! Bass, however, might be less than satisfying. I've owned Magnepan products and can attest to the improvement that a quality fast/sealed sub can make.