Magnepan 3.7's versus 20.1's?

Anybody here had the chance to compare the new Magnepan 3.7s with their longtime flagship 20.1 speakers?
Thanks for the input Kirby, Tmsorosk & Gmorris - nice to see this thread get back on track with some actual comparisons!
Do the 20.1's still need a subwoofer or do they extend beyond their rated 25Hz bottom end?
FWIW, my local and longtime Maggie dealer, when I asked him this very same question on my last visit, indicated that he did think the 3.7 competed with the 20.1 in certain ways (and was a worthwhile improvement from the 3.6, a speaker I greatly admired). But whatever he may have specifically elaborated I can't recall exactly anymore (though I seem to think it had something to do with the midrange), and I haven't auditioned them yet (he offered but I didn't have the time then). Sorry, great help, I know! (Thanks to Gmorris for pointing out the lack of biampability, I hadn't realized this.)
I would think this is simple. The 3.7s are updated and the 20.1s probably will be soon, so for now there are a couple of things the 3.7 *might* do a tad better - but the main quality that the 20.1s have is the push-pull force on the ribbon and quasi-ribbon, so dynamics are a lot better (assuming proper amplification).

Also, they removed the external x-over on 3.7, so I think (I'm about to start a thread on this) that the active bi-amp option is out with 3.7, while it is still available on 20.1, and active bi-amp will generally add to the more dynamic part of the equation for 20.1.

If (this is a big if) you play a test tone, or a single singer who sings in a range not used by the ribbon, and if that singer doesn't have a lot of dynamic swings, then perhaps the new quasi-ribbon will for today out-do the 20.1 which will most probably be updated soon with the quasi ribbon that started on the 1.7. Also, maybe not! Because the push-pull might make the old quasi better sounding than the new one as implemented in the 3.7/1.7. All conjecture.