Magnepan 3.7i amp pairing

Hi folks,

I’m on the verge of springing for Magnepan 3.7i, despite their drawbacks: power-hungry; hard to place off the wall; size; etc.  

I listened to them via Rogue Audio monoblocks, which I can’t afford, but I’m being told that the Rogue Audio DragoN Amp and Rogue RP-5 v.2 pre-amp is a sufficient combination to drive the 3.7s.  No doubt my current Rotel 1572 integrated amp is not enough.  Will probably add, later, two subwoofers beyond the current JL Audio 110, perhaps RELs.


Thoughts, when time allows?

Many thanks,





My Perreaux 2150B can easily drive any Maggie to very loud levels - 340/680/920wpc@8/4/2 ohms! There is one now available on eBay for $590 + shipping. 

BTW, I also have an older Ed Sanders amp - the TNT 250 from the days when Ed ran Acoustat. I bought it and the Perreaux to drive tough speaker loads.

I also recommend the Sanders Magtech, it’s done wonderfully well driving my Martin Logan ESL’s and as the name implies, Magtech was built to drive Maggies.