Magnepan 3.7i VS 2.7X

I have been considering the purchase of a pair of Maggie 3.7i speakers. Has anyone out there had the opportunity to hear the new upgraded $10K Magnepan 2.7X and can tell me how it compares to the $9K Magnepan 3.7i in sound quality? Thanks, and please stay on topic.


Hello, I had the first pair of 2.7X delivered in the US. I got them in December. I have not compared directly to the 3.7i so I can't really comment on a comparison. The 3.7i were just too big for my room, I felt. I have a pair of VMPS subwoofers that I use with them, crossed over at 80 hz. The main differences between the two speakers is the size of the bass panel (3.7i is larger, more bass, which I don't need) and the 2.7X uses the 40 inch ribbon, rather than the 60 inch in the 3.7i. I was told the crossover point for the ribbon in the 2.7X was lower (more ribbon sound) than the crossover for the longer ribbon in the 3.7i. Both require a lot of current from your amp and large gauge speaker wire to handle that current. I invested in a pair of Odyssey Audio Kismet mono-blocks which fill the bill. I think the X upgrade is a significant upgrade, and would have major FOMO without it. Taken a little while to get get everything set up and sounding good, but am now a happy camper. If you have subs, or would use sub, I would suggest the 2.7X. 

@jcadwell    Thanks for the response. I am not interested in the hassle of trying to integrate subs, so I may even go in a different direction altogether. Also, I see that Magnepan is tinkering with some new designs, so I might even just wait to see how things play out there. In comparing the 3.7i to the 2.7X, the usual response is to get the largest Maggie one can afford and/or place in the room. I was hoping someone who had heard them both could give me a SQ comparison. Thanks again.

and large gauge speaker wire to handle that current.

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