Magnepan 30.7’s

Just received an RSVP invite from my local dealer to hear the 30.7’s. Wendell is stopping in to demo them June 16 so those questioning if they’re really coming out I’d say the answer is yes. Can’t wait.

Has anyone else heard of Wendell’s travels with the 30.7’s?
On March 8 this year I auditioned the 30.7s at Definitive Audio's Music Matters event. Wendell Diller did the setup. He's mentioned in the linked Stereophile article about the event.

@seanheis1 - I also was at the Music Matters event in Seattle and the 30.7's are really nice. They are deserving of the flagship title, however I think Magnepan may have created a similar problem as Richard Vandersteen by having a 15k speaker that's state of the art in their line. It may make hard to justify the extra cheese for 30.7.