Magnepan 3a's with two bridged krell 1000wpc 8ohms

Has anyone had this setup?
the MG IIIA and two krell 250A bridged to 1000 wats per channel. Will this be over kill.
I had almost 1000 watts with a pair of 1.6's and it is the only time they really opened up and sang. I say go for it!
You can get comparable amps for way less, but if you own them go for it! I use Wyred4Sound SX 500s on my Maggie 3.5R bass panels. Not sure if 1000 watts would be too much. I am using a PS Audio GCA 250 on the ribbons, so far so good, but it scares me on powerful passages when I see the clipping lights come on.
I have recently used two Spectron M III SE's (with V-Cap options on the main boards) in balanced mode to drive my MG 20Rs, which in this configuration, according to Spectron, is pushing greater that 2000 (some claim 3000)watts per side, with great results and no problems. It really wakes them up. They gain speed, dynamics, articlation and definitely a greater sense of ease with the greater power and current.
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It will work fine. I would say to be a little careful as you may start to pop the fuses in the Maggie if you push too far.

I found with the older Magnepans that more power usually meant more volume before the bass panel started to rattle and hit the magnets. But you will reach the poor old maggies volume limit quickly.
I remember playing a drum solo on the 1.6 that was louder than real drums I am sure, they could get incredibly loud, most people do not know this, unlike the ribbon tweeter in the 3a which is FAR MORE FRAGILE.
Maggies are a flat and stable 4 ohm load for the most part.

More power the better.
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Overkill? What's that? Funny thing about Maggies is that if you overfeed them, they they don't get fatter.
I was at the local high end store and was asking about cliping. can you realy ruin a speaker without hearing distortion in the sound? Or is it like regular cone speakers where as if you here the speaker begin to distort you simply just turn the volume down.
He really scared me but I realize it could also be for a sale.
I have run the MG1.6 with 600 watts, and that's just for the 80 Hz (or so) up left over after the subwoofer. No problem. In terms of voltage (which is what the speaker responds to) 1000 watts is not much different from 600.

I made some measurements to see if I could get by with a smaller amp, and concluded that, surprisingly, 600 watts was not overkill. However, for monoblock convenience, I am now getting by with a mere 350, which my measurments showed would cover all but absurd volume levels.
for the first time ever I just popped the fuses on my 3.6r's. I just got them back from Magnepan where they were rebuilt and I am trying to break them in. No damage, just fuses needed to be replaced. Used Bel Canto Ref 1000 monoblocks, and the volume was absurd, but that's the first time it has happened. But, that said, I don't think the 1000 watts is overkill with the IIIa's. Great speakers.
I would say the Bel cantos are perfect for them. 1000 clean watts. I had 3.6rs never blew a fuse. Just made them rattle a few times