Magnepan dealers

I have owned Maggies in the past and went to their website tonight. This is probably old news out here and I'm sorry if this has been discussed at length but it looks like they're trying a different marketing model. All sales are direct from Magnepan. The dealers (it's the same bunch, at least here in the northeast) are "showroom only." You can go and listen but you can't buy from the dealer, only from the company. (See below.)

I'm interested in this in part because of the many threads on the declining market, the rise of online sales, possible strategies for marketing, and alternatives to brick-and-mortar stores. I'm also very interested in what this means for Magnepan. I hope it works for them. I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts, and I apologize if I've missed any threads on this. Here's the description from their website:


"Magnepan is beginning a pilot program to address a problem facing many consumers. With the decline in the number of 2-channel dealers and the proliferation of high-end audio products, many consumers have no opportunity to audition Magneplanars (or other good audio products). As stated on our home page--- "Why in the world would anyone want a 6-foot tall panel speaker? They probably wouldn't......unless they heard it."

The Showroom Only Dealer is being well-compensated by Magnepan to provide a service to consumers in their market area. The Showroom Only Dealer is not permitted to sell Magneplanars. And you are not under any obligation. The dealer is simply providing you with the opportunity to hear Magneplanars in the dealer's facility. Later, if the customer chooses to buy a Magneplanar, they would contact Magnepan directly for the purchase."

I purchased my 3.7i's less than a year ago from Natural Sound in the Boston area.   They were great to deal with.
I'm sorry, guys. My eyes missed where they list the showroom dealers, which is down the page mixed in with all the others. As @crustycoot points out, there are only four of them. I apologize for spreading my confusion out here.

And thanks for the other posts! I bought my past Maggies from Take-5 in New Haven, now gone/moved, but I do know Natural Sound pretty well, having lived outside Boston for a decade. I LOVE the Maggie sound but, yeah, well, they are big and I have a few things to consider with this next purchase. (If I go that route, it'll probably be the 3.7i.) But I need to hear Vandersteen, so I'll find a way to get down to Audioconnection ... and hear both.
I just received my 1.7 I. April bought from audio classic in vestal ny...

Very close to Macintosh laboratories...
Did not have in stocks had to order direct from Magnapan....
Anything that gives people a chance to audition live is welcome. I can’t imagine buying speakers without hearing them first. Audio Concepts in Dallas had .7s and even the Rogue Sphinx amp I was interested in. Once we got a source I liked tapped in over the course of two separate listening sessions I ordered both amp and speakers from them and picked them up a couple of weeks later. Fine for something I expect to own for years.