Magnepan DWM Bass Panel

Does anyone have experience with the Magnepan DWM bass panel? I am entertaining the idea of getting one to use with my pair of Magnepan 0.7 speakers.
My room is approximately 16.3' x 13.3' x 7.5', and the Maggies are placed along the short side about 3' away from the wall. The only practical place to put the DWM would be somewhere between the speakers.


Not sure how low your 8" sub goes depending on the music you listen to you would probably want one that goes down to about 20 Hz. That's the problem with the DWM too it doesn't go that low.

Try setting the sub at about 50 Hz and settings the volume as low as possible, you don't want any boominess or bass overhang. Keep experimenting until you get it right.


Good point about considering a better subwoofer, which in turn I can also use with my box speakers.

@johnto Yes, I have it setup at around 55 Hz and volume as low as possible to avoid boominess. I used a spectrum analyzer on my iPad to help with the adjustments. I have two listening positions, the sweet spot and the "comfortable" spot, and unfortunately the sweet spot has a null at around 60 Hz, and the comfortable spot is a bit boomy with the sub :(