Magnepan LRS Support Group?!

I ordered a pair of LRS a couple weeks ago. Backorder time is 6 months! I don't know if anybody else is feeling the uncomfortable longing after ordering theirs? How are you passing the time? I'm kidding (I guess), but I've never had to wait 6 months for a new toy! Let me know if you're also re-reading the reviews that made you take the plunge and planning your listening space alterations. Maybe some of you who have gotten a pair recently can keep us sane by sharing your experience with what we are waiting patiently for. Thanks!


@russ69 Thanks! My dedicated listening room is tiny, but coincidentally almost the same size that Herb Reichert used for his review. Mine's 9.5 x15 feet, so I'll have to fiddle with your suggested measurements! If they don't work there, I'll put them in the living room where there's more square footage.

I've owned Magnepans off and on since 1973, when I had to wait 3 months for a pair of Tympani 1a's, Stereophile's first Class A speaker.

Currently I'm running a pair of SMGa's in my HT, and decided to add something modern, two DWM's and four MMG-W's. I really want to hear that push-pull bass-mid. It's been months - so far. But so what?

Planars forever!

Jason Bourne is typically a champion of moderately priced gear. I’m surprised he isn’t supporting the excellent value that the lower price Maggie’s offer.  I gave my MMGs that were my first dip into planars to my son. Currently running 1.7s and they continually amaze.  

I just bought a pair of LRS but can't figure out what all the hype is about!

Admittedly, i am comparing them to an awesome set up and the LRS falls short.

Can anyone tell me if i want to give the LRS a chance to win out, which song would you suggest that i play? and what qualities should i be listening for?

Thank you for your comments...