Magnepan LRS- what amp should i consider? (sub $2,000)

Howdy!   Help !
I'm not very current on high end equipment these days- I bought my Vandersteen 2CE's about 20 years ago, and haven't been tracking the market since.   

But, since I'm going to "test drive" a pair Magnepan's LRS soon - I need to lasso a more powerful and detailed amp (my Adcom 50 wpc thang is not gonna cut it).  I could go new or used. I listen to a lot of Jazz and G  Dead, and often play things loud.  The room is 11 x 21, and has some useful sound absorbing panels behind the listening "station".

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on a suitable power amp or integrated amp - at a somewhat reasonable price. And- given the rest of my qwipment (noted below) should I invest in some cables & interconnects too?

My (fairly humble, but exciting) system:
Harmon Kardon T60 TT w/a Audio Technica VM 540 ML stylus-  running thru a Nakamichi 610 preamp.  I'm streaming my >8,000 song iTunes library from an Apple TV box into a Cambridge Audio DAC 100. Also have a HSU sub hooked in too. I don't own any fancy cables or interconnects.

I am running a set of Proceed HPA amps on a pair of 1.7i's.  it sounds pretty good even with a single HPA.  I got lucky and have had no problems with these amps (they were known to have some QC issues).
How about just moving up in power, say to an Adcom 555?  Inexpensive and good sounding.  Then buy some decent "entry-level" audiophile cables .... bottom end Audioquests or Morrows, for example.  I think you'll end up with very good sound that can show off the LRS's.

Does seems Hegel,Rogue and Parasound are the more popular choices for the LRS..I tend to agree...