Magnepan LRS+ which amps do you use ? * 100 watts or less **

I have a pair coming in this week and wondering if any folks are having good results with 100watt or less amps 

i have a Rogue  Cronos mag that's about 100 watts , also an Exsposure 2510 that's about 110 into 4 ohms 

do you really need hundreds of watts to enjoy these speakers ?


I ended up not following my advice and put the mostly Class A CODA #16 on the LRS+. It is definitely the best the LRS+ has sounded. The LRS+ can really use the power and current. My Sanders Magtech (Magnepan + Tech) was great on the LRS+ at 500 | 900 watts @ 8 | 4 Ohm. The #16 is a bit better on the bass and a bit cleaner on top. I think the Sanders is the best Class AB amp I have owned.

I will be getting another CODA amp to replace the Sanders, which is on my other system.

Maybe a better LRS+. I am staying with the LRS+.

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I used the GAN400 2x with the LRS+. It is great for the $1k used I paid both times.

The Pass XA25 drives the LRS+ beautifully and plenty loud. 

Next up, I’m going to try the AHB2… just for the heck of it… and it’s 100 watts. 

Funny, when I spoke to I believe it was Erik from Magnepan regarding suitable amps for Magnepan he told me you won’t be able to drive Magnepans with a 30 watt Pass Labs.