magnepan mmg experiments continue

hi, please give me some advice on which xover changes i can make to my mmg's without spending too much money. if the budget priced capacitors don,t offer much improvement then i.ll just enjoy them as i have them now. my goal is to isolate the capacitor and wire coil from the cabinet and improve the xover if economically feaseable. with the new frames and damping and bracing on stands i have achieved dramatic results so far.i.m not going to go into biwirng or biamping unless someone educates me on the benefit of these configurations. currently using a emotiva xp-2 with 500 watts into 4 ohms. thank you
Check the Audio Asylum Planar Speaker Asylum if you haven't already. Try the Auricaps. They seem to give the best bang for the buck without emptying your wallet.
i have seen you recommend those Schubert. i have read up on them. currently using morrow 4's ic and 5's speaker cables. thanks m. i check the audioasylum almost everyday. since i posted this question my 13 year old son has become a grocery eating machine and i am tapped out....hahaha. maybe this summer.......