Magnepan's new LRS?

A brief blurb in Stereophile online (by Herb Reichert reporting from AXPONA 2019) gave accolades to Magnepan's new LRS. The local authorized dealer is not carrying it for unclear reasons (at least, the decision to not offer that model wasn't explained to me when I asked directly about it). Have any Forum readers had an opportunity to audition these and, if so, what's your opinion?
As I mentioned in another thread, I demoed the LRS and they were excellent on an absolute basis and fantastic for the money, especially $650. They are direct ordered from Magnepan, per Wendell from Magnepan. Great for audiophile newbies. Great for a second system. Great to just try them to see what Maggies are like. These are what Magnepan call their appetizer or introduction to their lineup so you will graduate to larger Maggies. 
Do y'all think the Prima Luna Prologue integrated will drive these well?

If it's the 35 watt per channel model, probably not.  Well, it wouldn't be my first choice.  The 70 watt model, however, might be an interesting match...

Does Timbre carry them in Houston?

Factory direct only.  From the page linked to above:

"The 60-day, home-trial program is only available in the USA. The LRS is only sold direct from Magnepan to USA and Canadian customers".