Magnepan Sweet Spot

For the last year, I have been listening to my set of Magnepan Tympani IVs.  They are great at creating a wall of sound, and picked up substantial bass and detail when I acquired a Parasound A21.  However, I have failed to create the sweet spot I have experienced with other maggies I have owned.  Between this failure and the size of the Tympanis, I am considering selling them and looking at other Magnepan models to achieve the sweet spot. I have always loved the Magnepan clarity and detail, and do not need thumping bass.

The current Tympani arrangement has them at one end of a 22x12 room (12' wall behind them).  If I change them out, I think I will rotate the setup, so that the listening chair will be at one end of the 12' wall and the speakers 3' - 5' away from the other wall.

Given this setup, which of the Magnepan line should I consider to achieve that sweet spot??  I have MMGs but would probably get the LRS if I chose that size speaker. 

Heresy though it may be, if I turned away from the Maggies, what speakers would achieve similar results for about $2500 used?

Window panels can be made with glass that blocks UV, thus reducing damage to your belongings.  If you don't want to replace the window glass, films can be applied that will also help. 

If you're in northern CA, I have a pair of Maggie 3.5's if you want to give a listen.  I have used them in various rooms and configurations, including in a room a little larger than the one you described. 



You are right, I do!!


Thank you for your kind offer.  I owned the 3.6s in 2007 and let them slip away! 
I have owned the T-1Ds, the 3.5s and now own 3.6s.  I've owned Magnepans for 40 years 

A solid central image is not the speakers strongest point due to their physical size with the side by side layout of the drivers next to each other. IMHO, the T-1DS were the worst at this and they have the same panel configuration as your IVs.

You can improve the central image by putting the tweeters on the inside, but I'm guessing you do that now. Fanatical positioning with a laser distance meter from the listening position also yields very notable improvements in focus.

I wouldn't recommend another speaker, so I can't tell you what else to buy....
Vandersteen 2Ce Sig II. Properly set up, maybe some treatments at first reflection points, will give you a phenomenal soundstage and solid imaging.