Magnepans and dogs

I used to own a pair of Proac Response 3s - loved them, and I still miss them sometimes. But during my listening sessions my dog would soon get up off the couch and head into another room. Recently I bought a pair of Maggie 1.7s. Now my dog stays in the room when I listen. And, she jumps up into the listening chair when I get up. Nothing else in the system changed - electronics are all tubes.

I am guessing this has to do with the fact that dogs are more sensitive to sounds in  high frequency ranges. Did the ProAcs sound shrill to her?

Also, my wife LOVES the Maggies. We both have always enjoyed our listening sessions. But now she hogs the listening chair and stays up late to listen to music. I think she would divorce me if I tried to sell the Maggies (only a mild exaggeration). I have read that females have better hearing than men. Plus, I'm getting up there in the years, and my hearing probably is not what it used to be. I like the Maggies too and am quite satisfied with them, but it appears not to the extent as others in my household. 

Can anyone provide a (semi-) scientific answer to this phenomenon?

PS. I am not a shill for Magnepan, just trying to understand what is going on.

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My point is that no dog is ever a replacement for a dog that you have loved and lost, but as long as you live, there is another dog out there somewhere that needs your love as much as you need theirs. Take the plunge when you feel up to it. You won’t regret it.

Most beautifully written.


I've got three dogs.One trots into the room and lays in his sweet spot as soon as I turn the tubes on to warm up for a few minutes. He seems to enjoy male vocalists the most,stretches out on his side and chills.Dog number two joins us sometimes if mellow acoustic music is playing.Dog three doesn't care and has never joined us.It seems they may have individual preferences.