Magnepans: single or bi-wire?

I have a pair of 3.6 maggies that I've used with great enjoyment over the last year. I've run class D amplification (Spectron Musician MKII) with Speltz complaints.
I am reconfiguring my system and would appreciate hearing from others who have experience using single rather than bi-wire speaker cable runs. I most likely will be using Clear Day speaker cables going forward. I appreciate your thoughts!
It's all realy meant to biamp and not biwire.
Biwire is meant to charge more for a cable. Other than that who gives...
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Elizabeth: I noticed your post on 8/22/11 where you noted
that Magnepan 3.6 were biwireable, but the new 3.7 are not...interesting. I think I'll give Magnepan a call Monday and ask them for their take.