I'm kinda new to the plannar/magnepan world, but I am really interested in trying out a pair after all the reviews I've been reading. From what I understand these speakers are quite power hungry. What is the minimum I need to properly drive these? 
I currently have a VAC Avatar integrated tube amp. These are the stats:
Type: Integrated vacuum tube amplifier with MM phono stage and home theater (direct power amplifier) mode.
Tube Complement: two 12AX7 low noise (phono), two 12AX7 (line stage), three 12AU7/6189A (power amplifier), and four EL34 (power amplifier)
Options: Remote control for volume (motorized direct control) & mute
Power amplifier ("Home Theater" direct mode):
Output matching: 4 or 8 ohms nominal
Power output: 60 watts/channel ultra-linear; 27 watts/channel triode
Frequency response: 9 Hz - 35 kHz +0 / -0.5 dB, 3 Hz - 71 kHz +0 / -3.0 dB
Power bandwidth: 11 Hz - 63 kHz + 0 / -3.0 db ref. 50 watts
Gain: 25 dB ultra-linear; 23 dB triode
Residual noise: 1.5 mv at 8 ohm output
Channel separation: -72 dB @ 1 kHz; -60 dB @ 10 kHz
Line stage preamplifier:
Gain: 24 dB
Maximum input signal: Infinite (attenuation precedes line stage)
Noise contribution: Approx. 0.1 mv at power amplifier output 
THD contribution: Approx. 0.04% 
Tape output: Unity gain from selector, non-inverting 
Phono stage preamplifier: 
Gain: 37 dB (measured at tape output)
MC phono stage in place of the MM optional 
Residual noise: 3 mv at output (S/N ratio approx. 69 dB) 
Overload: 117 mv @ 1 kHz = 8 volts RMS output, 460 mv @ 10 kHz 
Frequency response: RIAA +/- 0.25 dB 
Notes: Does not invert absolute phase. 

Anyone know if these will do or if I'll have to upgrade? Love the tube sound . . . will I need to go solid state for Maggies? Thanks for putting up with the noobie question :) 

     Good point about this thread being useful for future browsers deciding on tube vs. ss for magnepans.  

     I think this thread faded out due to the OP not staying involved and drifting away.
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Just for reference amp and set up recommendation: I've just gotten my Mini DSP active crossover set up balanced into two Benchmark AHB2 amps (3k new) fed directly (bare wire) into my 20.1 Maggies. One amp for the highs and one for the lows. It's the best sound I've heard period driving Maggies. I haven't had time to do room correction or set up the subs yet but my friends and family are already blown away. The Benchmark Amps are dead quiet  THD+noise is an extremely low 0.0005%. and have oodles of power conservatively rated 100wpc at 8ohms doubling down all the way to 2ohms. Part of the reason I haven't gotten everything set up is that it sounds so good that I've been enjoying it. The bass makes the walls creak like a good roll of thunder does and the sound is so true to life with the maggies my dad and I were baffled. He's played concert piano for 30 years and I played in an orchestra as a youth. Best part is these are tiny amps, run warm to the touch even at concert levels, they are truley remarkable. 

Love this hobby! 
Hey Guys!
Sorry i haven't posted in a bit . . . holiday shopping and all, you know how it is. A lot of great info!
Budget-wise, I'd say about $500 tops in speaker mods. Unless it's something that was gonna push this speaker to a significantly superior level. 
As for speaker wire, from what I've read here I might just go with what I already have and then try other stuff if I feel the setup needs it
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I think he meant $500 on top of the cost of the speakers, if that's the case then I'd recommend either Mye stands or sound anchor stands and good jumper cables.