Magneplanar 1.7s to Recruit New Audiophile?

I may be asked for advice on an office/retreat system over a garage or poolhouse to be completed this summer.

Although the budget could be $5-10K plus, this would presumably be if domineering wives or architects were expecting an array of in wall speakers, Creston touch panels and multi channel home theatre junk blah blah blah.

There is hope, however, because this person genuinely loves music and movies.

Therefore, I am hoping to somehow propose the following:

* Oppo Blu Ray / Universal player
* Lenovo or Apple notebook for Pandora, music and movies
* Benchmark DAC / Pre 1
* Odyssey Khartago Monoblocks
* Magneplanar 1.7s
* Signal Cable cables throughout
* Sony LED HDTV from Costco

If anyone thinks they could do better for the money, please let me know,but to me, that would be a great little system for music or movies!
Can't argue with Bryston and Magnepan. Or ARC, either.
As for ICE amps? Well, the W4S gets some good press. Bel Canto is on any short list or perhaps even PSAudio (pre loved).
Spectron? lots of $$$.

Sony? I, too, was a long time fan. I bought a 19" trinatron when they 1st came out. It lasted for 20+ years. My 'new' SXRD? Won't go 1/3rd that.

Hot rodded MMG? Sub? Modded 1.6s?

Something like THIS::
may help WAF...if it comes to that. They are Beautiful to look and reviews indicate improved sound over 'stock'.

Isn't it fun spending OPM?
Have you heard the 1.7s? There are things electrostats do great, and areas they are less strong. You will want to see how they compare to other designs with the type of music & movies you will be playing.

On the DAC side, you could do much better IMO. I would look at the Eastern Electric and Wyred4Sound DAC2 for starters.
I been there. Magnepans are cheap, but that is just the speakers. After that you will spend much more on the ff(in any order):

1.) Amps
2.) Crossover tweaks
3.) Room treatments
4.) Cables
5.) Preamp
6.) Stands
7.) Subwoofer

You do not own Magnepans. At some point, they will own you.
I don't know about current practices, but at one point bi/di pole surrounds were part of either the Dolby or THX standards? Do I remember right?