Magneplanar MG-I Fix & History

I just acquired a pair of Magneplanar MG-I. They sound fine but one driver section (looks to be the bass driver) has the part of its structure that looks like paper clips bending away from the diaphragm. It looks like the glue is letting go. Any advice about fixing this before it gets worse? Also, are these the original Magneplanars? And, is it a good idea to modify these for bi-wire? Thanks for your help.
Send them back to magnapan. First they will ask you for the serial # and then you ship them and they come back brand newfor 300.00. Ask for wendall.Its the only way.
Magnepan will sell you an inexpensive kit that will allow you to easily repair the speakers yourself. This is a common problem with older Maggies. Give them a call.
Thank you Jazze22 and for you responses. I think I'll give Magnepan a call about that kit Doug mentions. Hope some great music has found your ears...