Magnesium headhells for a Dynavector?

I was wondering if any of you might know of a current production magnesium headshell that will work as a replacement for the original Dynavector tonearm headshell???

The Dynavector 507 tonearm/XV1 combo is just too sluggish for me but i do enjoy the cartridge!

Thanks for your help...
The Dynavector tonearm uses the standard 5 PIN connector, so any standard headshell can be used with the 507 tonearm.

In my experience with the Dynavector XV1s cartridge, getting the overhang and particularly the null points absolutely right is paramount in getting the best sound.

You cant try and find a Nagaoka magnesium headshell, which is lighter than the stock Dyna headshell. I've experimented in lighter headshells, such as the Sumiko one, and they do tend to speed things up.

To lighten up the stock headshell, I've removed the hook from the headshell with very good results. Just make sure the no cartridge is mounted if you remove the hook.


The "the standard 5 PIN connector" I've never seen, a 4 pin one is another thing. ;)
That's how it's usually described. My guess is that the fifth pin is the vertical alignment pin. You can get more information about it here.


5 pin refers to the DIN cable which connects at the tonearm base, not the headshell connection.