Magnesium headhells for a Dynavector?

I was wondering if any of you might know of a current production magnesium headshell that will work as a replacement for the original Dynavector tonearm headshell???

The Dynavector 507 tonearm/XV1 combo is just too sluggish for me but i do enjoy the cartridge!

Thanks for your help...
5 pin refers to the DIN cable which connects at the tonearm base, not the headshell connection.
Dear Isanchez: Audiofeil is right, like Rap posted the headshell is 4 pin.

Btw, Johnny53 you can't use that AT headshell because the XV-1 must be screwed from the top not other way and the AT design is to cartridges that can fix on it from the cartridge below side.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Rap_hawthorn, Audiofeil, Raul,

Thanks for the clarification. For the wrong reason, I've been calling it a 5-pin headshell for while and probably have kept calling it like that had not been for your correction.

There is a Nagaoka magnesium headshell for sale in Ebay. I looks pretty much like the Sumiko headshell though.

Some contemporary options are Ortofon LH-9000 and LH-9000 headshells, and Oyaide HS-CF headshell.

I've mounted the XV1s a few times on few different headshells I own and every time it sounds a bit sluggish is when the overhang and null points are off.

Azjake, are you using an arc protractor to mount the XV1 or the overhang gauge from Dynavector?


Dear Isanchez: It is not only that the magnesium headshell works beter because the magnesium but because the original Nagaoka ( magnesium ) has a weight of 10 grs.

Btw, those Nagaoka that you can see around ( including the one Johnny53 posted )are not made by Nagaoka, are not made of magnesium but aluminum and weights over 14grs. IMHO the one to go is for the original one ( hard to find ) and/or for the Denon one. I already try both on the XV-1 with the 505 and with other tonearms and makes a difference for the better specially on the Dyna tonearm.

Regards and enjoy the music.