+++Magnum Dynalab MD-208 Reciever+++

I have read all the hype about this piece. Am I going to notice the difference between this and a $400 NAD? Any owners out there, lets hear it. I need something less complicated for a den, this would work perfectly......thanks.....Mark
I have a 208, but I have never owned a NAD receiver. The 208 does a pretty good job pulling in FM stations, probably better than most, although such differences are easily overwhelmed by antenna decisions. The amp section is credible driving my pair of Thiel 3.6 speakers, which are known to be difficult impedance loads and hard to drive. This is why I got the 208 -- a receiver that can drive the 3.6s. If you live in a difficult reception area and/or plan to drive difficult speakers, I would suggest the 208 might be worth the extra cost. If not, you might be just as happy with the NAD, especially since your wording implies that this is not your primary listening system anyhow. Good luck.
I haven't heard a 208 but I have heard the SimAudio amp which is in it. I've heard lots of NADs, I even own one, but my own main amp is a Sim and that's the one I like to listen to. In my view there is no comparison between NAD and SimAudio for smoothness and musicality. Of course you pay for the difference.
Rotel also has an RX-1050 100 wpc receiver which is smoother than NAD. Not as good as Sim Celeste but it's only $799. Krell also used to make a receiver - was one for sale here a week or two ago.
I had this receiver once for a week on loan by the dealer. Very much disapointed. It's amp section is the ''economy line'' Celeste from Sim Audio, the same found in the Celeste 5080 integrated ( now ''rebadged'' Moon I-3, shame on you SIM, as it does not have high quality parts like the Moon line).

What's the use of a quality tuner section only to be reduced by bright and thin-sounding electronics?

Fortunately, the 208 is quite versatile, so I was able to compare the 208's tuner section to my NAD 4225 tuner. They both sounded pretty much the same, with maybe a very slight advantage for the NAD on soundstage depth.

I think one is MUCH better off getting any decent tuner (like a NAD) AND a very good sounding (and somewhat warm-sounding too) amplifier like an Electrocompaniet EC-3 or an Audiomat Arp├Ęge, if you prefer tubes.

Buy the way, I am an ex-Moon I-5 owner. Did not sound like music either. Way overpriced on the 208, and most of the Sim products also.

Last point. This receiver lights up like a Christmas tree in July, quite ridiculous actually. If you want a light show,get a real one, get a Mac !