Magnum Dynalab Tuner

I'm cogitating over whether I should or shouldn't have my MD 90 upgraded to an MD90t. Am I wasting my time with this upgrade, should I aim for something greater, say the MD90 to the MD 100 triode or MD 105 triode?
i had MD ├ętude that i sent for repair of drifting last yr- i ended up getting a nice trade in value from MD and ended up with a 108T w/DAC for what i thought was a great price compared to list- have seen few for sale here for much more than i paid for mine and it has the DAC. Also as part of trade i was able to get new internet tuner at significant discount (they hadn't come out yet when i traded)-i got the 801 internet tuner and play it thru the 108T -

i just love internet radio- hardly listen to FM any more- so many great internet stations broadcasting in 128 aac or 192/256 mp3- sounds fabulous over my high end system. check out use their 128 arc link NICE !!
Thanks Bgordonr, I almost agree with you completely. I bought a new Ayre QB9 DAC about 7 months ago because it just sounded so good for the price and because I saw myself using iTunes on a regular basis. I'm totally glad today that I made that choice and that I didn't need to spend unreal amounts of money to achieve an obtainable goal. The only complaint that I have towards streaming audio is the resolution and overall sound quality. The BBC Radio3 does a nice job at 320 kbps but compare it to a CD or high quality analogue source and for me, its not quite there yet. I've written to the BBC telling them that I would pay a membership fee to receive CD quality audio streaming but didn't here back. The point being that a large amount of server space requires a big budget and I'm willing to chip in but of course so must a large number of other folk in order to make it work. As for now, I enjoy the various ways that I receive music because they all sound different from one another. And thanks to everyone else who contributed!
Goofyfoot, did you ever make the change from your MD-90 up to a 90T or 105T? I am on the cusp of a very similar decision.